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Long-Distance Moving FAQs

September 20th, 2018 - 10:57 AM

Learn more about long-distance moving

Every move has unique qualities, from the circumstances surrounding it to the distance traveled. Some people are embarking on a solo trip from coast to coast, and others are moving their entire family just a few states over. But even though every situation is different, there are some common questions almost everyone has.

Some of the bigger issues, like choosing a moving company and getting a quote, are covered in our guide to long-distance moving. But in this post, we take a deeper dive into other questions you may be wondering about. 

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Frequently asked questions about long-distance moves

Find information for planning, packing and executing a long-distance move in these questions and answers. 

When is the best time of year to move?

Summer may be the most convenient time for people to relocate (school is out, and the weather is nice), but it’s also the busiest time of year for moving companies. Rates are normally higher in the summer due to increased demand. If you have some flexibility, schedule the move during off-peak times (October to March) when rates are generally lower. 

How far in advance should I plan my move?

U-Pack recommends planning your move as early as possible to secure the equipment and move date. Most of our moves are scheduled 4-6 weeks in advance, giving families plenty of time to pack and take care of all the necessary planning tasks. 

What paperwork is involved in a long-distance move?

Each company provides different documents. U-Pack sends a Bill of Lading, which serves as a contract and receipt outlining the details of the move. The Bill of Lading is sent via email after reserving your move. 

How do I keep my belongings safe?

When loading, it’s important to secure your belongings with rope or ratchet straps to prevent items from shifting during transit. Along with tying them down, there are other ways to protect your belongings. With ReloCubes, you can place a lock on the container. With a moving trailer, you install a bulkhead divider wall (most are lockable) after loading the shipment, which stays in place until you remove it and unload at destination. Your household goods are not comingled or transferred. Instead, we fill remaining space in the trailer with commercial goods headed in the same direction (lowering transportation costs for you). 

You can also check on the shipment 24/7 with online tracking, available from the U-Pack MyMove dashboard. 

Are there items I can’t pack?

After reserving your move, U-Pack will send a Do Not Ship list as a part of the Move Plan. It includes flammables, perishables, compressed gasses, explosives and other miscellaneous items. Please make sure to read over this list while packing. You can either use or donate these items before moving, or if you can, keep them with you while traveling. 

How do I move my houseplants?

Plants can’t travel in the moving equipment, so make sure to have a plan for them. You can keep them with you, however, some states have guidelines for importing plants, so it’s important to check with the Department of Agriculture in your new state before moving.

Can I move my pet to a new state?

Pets also can’t travel in the moving equipment, so they’ll have to travel with you as well. Your new state might have pet import rules surrounding vaccinations or pet permits. Check with local and state departments to make sure you comply before moving with your pet. 

Have other questions?

For questions we haven’t addressed here, please leave a comment below or call us at 800-413-4799