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How Do I Know How Much Space I Will Need???

By Derek
June 24th, 2008 - 8:30 AM

This has got to be the one question I hear most often. Probably the most correct answer is: It Depends.

There is not a mold in which you can fit every person who moves a 3 bedroom home. But there are ways that you can be very accurate with your estimates.

Have you moved in the past?

Whether you used U-Pack, a rental truck, full service or other self service moving company, you can look at what you used the last time you moved. You may have added some items or may have disposed of some items, but you can get pretty close by just estimating based on your last move. We have a Rental Truck Comparison on our website that is very handy if truck rentals are what you are used to. Most of the full service moving companies use weight to determine your shipping costs. If you have used full service movers in the past, just give one of us a call and we can give you an estimate of linear footage based on the weight of your goods.

Do you have your items stored right now?

You can also get a great idea of how much space you may need in our moving trailer or how many ReloCubes you may need based on the size of your storage unit. You can refer to our Storage Unit Comparison on our website.

Have you never moved before?

You are a rarity! But that's ok. Even though most of us move about every 5-7 years, you may just be getting started. This can be a very intimidating task. Obviously, since you are reading this, you are doing your research which is exactly what you should do. One thing you can do to estimate space is look at our Simple Space Estimator. This estimator bases the space you need on the size of your residence. This can be a very good estimator if you have a standard furnished residence. However, if you are like a lot of people, in addition to your standard residence, you may have a storage building, a garage/carport or even outdoor furniture/equipment. You might not fit the normal mold of a 3 bedroom home or a 1 bedroom apartment. In this case, you should check out our Room-by-Room Estimator. This will allow you to go room by room in your house and enter exactly what you have in each room including a section for garage/outdoor, moving boxes and other miscellaneous items.

By the way, some people want to know how much space in a moving trailer is equivalent to one ReloCube. A good rule of thumb is one ReloCube is the same as about five feet of space in the moving trailer.