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Getting to Know U-Pack: Matt B.

February 21st, 2014 - 3:23 PM

“Thank you for calling U-Pack. This is Matt.”

When you call U-Pack, you’ll always talk to a real person.  And what you’ll find is that we have a great team of helpful moving experts here. But, what you may not get the chance to discover on a phone call is that though they love helping people move, they’re also interesting people with a lot to offer outside the U-Pack walls. So today, we want to introduce you to one of our remarkable team members. We’d like you to meet Matt B.   


moving expert Matt B.

Matt is a consultant on our sales team. So, if you call to get a quote or to reserve your move, you may get the pleasure of talking to him. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Matt’s U-Pack Story

Matt has been on the U-Pack team for almost three years. He began here after graduating from the University of Arkansas Fort Smith with a degree in Business Administration. And what an accomplishment that was! Matt was the first generation of his family to graduate from college. He says, “It was a goal of my family for me to go to college. Graduating was one of my proudest moments.”

U-Pack was Matt’s very first job out of college, and he’s stayed here because he loves the company and what he gets to do every day. “I love the people I work with; it’s such a great atmosphere. And it’s so rewarding to get to help people through a tough experience. Every situation is different, and I enjoy figuring out what the customer needs and finding solutions.”  

Matt has had some interesting experiences at U-Pack. His most memorable was helping a young woman with a big cross country move. He got her all set up and worked with her throughout her move. A couple weeks later, she called back and he was concerned there was a problem. “When she called back, I asked if she had an issue I could help with. She said ‘Nope, I loved moving with U-Pack. I’m moving back, so I need you to help me with that.’ I couldn’t believe she did this big move and was moving back just weeks later!”

After helping countless customers with their moves, Matt’s biggest piece of moving advice is to start planning early. “Don’t wait until the last minute. Planning ahead makes it much easier.”

Work Hard, Play Hard

When he’s not helping customers, you’ll probably find Matt outside. He enjoys the great outdoors,  whether it’s hiking, golfing, or playing basketball. He’s basically a sports junkie.


Matt B. U-Pack Moving Expert

He and his chocolate lab, Zeus, love hiking at nearby Alma Lake. “Zeus takes ME hiking. He drags me around the trails. We love it.”

And, if there’s an Arkansas Razorback football game or Oklahoma Thunder basketball game on TV, you’ll probably find him watching it. In fact, he enjoys sports so much that his favorite TV show is ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption.” Anyone else a fan?

Quick-fire Questions with Matt

Who ‘s your hero?
My dad. He taught me stuff about life. Some stuff on purpose, but I also learned a lot by observing him. He taught me how to become who I am.”

Where would you move to?
“Somewhere warm! I’m not a cold-weather guy. So, probably Southern California. I have some friends in the LA area, and they rave about living there.”

On a food day at work, what food do you reach for first?
“No sweets! I would go for cheese dip, sausage balls, or anything that Angela Flake makes!” (For those not from around here, cheese dip is our Southern food version of the queso you’ll get at a Mexican restaurant – see this recipe. And Angela Flake is one of our resident amazing cooks! We do food days a lot here at U-Pack.)

Describe yourself in three words.
“Funny. Story teller.”

Who would play you in a movie about your life?
“Matt Damon. We have the same first name, but also, I think he’s an adventurous, intellectual guy, and I think I’m those things too. I hope other people think that!”

So when you talk to Matt…

If you call U-Pack and get to talk to Matt B. (not to be confused with Matt S.!), be sure and ask him about how the Razorbacks or Thunder are doing. Ask him if he’s been hiking recently. But most importantly, tell him about your move. Matt loves finding solutions and helping customers. “We work hard to give great service here. We may just be talking to you over the phone, but we’re here to help you out. Moving is unfamiliar to most people, but we know all about it. I try to be a helpful, real guy, not just a voice over the phone.”

So give Matt or our other helpful moving experts a call when you’re ready to move. You can find them at 800-413-4799.