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Getting to Know U-Pack: Cecil

May 29th, 2014 - 10:15 AM

Meet Cecil, A U-Pack Moving Expert

Anytime you call U-Pack, you speak with a real person. Our team is not only helpful over the phone, but outside of work, they are really interesting people. We previously introduced you to Matt B., Brittany, and Matt S. a few of our other moving experts, and today we want you to meet Cecil. Cecil is a consultant on our sales team, so when you call to get a moving quote, you might get to talk with him. However, there is much more to Cecil than working for U-Pack.

Cecil’s U-Pack Story

Cecil started out his career in manufacturing just after high school. He worked 24 years for local companies where he was quite successful, even being promoted to manager. However, his social nature didn’t love the solo nature of a manufacturing job.

Cecil loves talking to people, helping people, and working on a team, and manufacturing just didn’t provide that environment. He had a friend who worked at U-Pack who told him U-Pack would be a perfect job for him! And after 2 years, Cecil still enjoys his job here. “I love that you never know who that next person on the phone is going to be. The unexpected is a good thing.”

Cecil’s most memorable move was helping an elderly lady and her sister. They started out moving a normal-size home, but kept deciding to move more belongings, and ended up using three entire moving trailers! Cecil loved the challenge of finding solutions for them, and he does that with every customer. “I enjoy the freedom and flexibility that we have here to find solutions for our customers.”

Cecil’s biggest piece of expert moving advice is to plan in advance. “We work hard to make every last-minute circumstance work, but when they plan ahead, it helps us have more options and alleviate their stress when moving.”

Proud Parent

When speaking with Cecil, the best way to get him talking is to ask him about his kids. “I’m proudest of my children. I have a great set of kids. From the time they were born until now, I’m just proud of them.” He has 4 children – 2 boys and 2 girls. As I spoke with him about his kids, he mentioned his oldest daughter winning a softball national championship years ago, and how his youngest daughter is creative and artistic. He truly lit up when talking about them.

This picture is of Cecil and his youngest daughter at a Father-Daughter dance with a 50’s sock hop theme.



U-Pack Moving Expert - Cecil

Sports Lover

Cecil loves everything about sports – watching, playing, and officiating. His favorite teams are a bit spread out: the Arkansas Razorbacks, the Miami Dolphins, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the San Antonio Spurs. “I watch anything sports related, but I don’t miss my teams’ games,” he said.

Around the U-Pack office, Cecil is known as a valuable part of our company softball team, saying, “It’s a great way to unwind and get to know each other.”

For the last 18 years, Cecil has been officiating high school basketball and football games. He enjoys the communication aspect and being around the kids as they play. “Our slow season at U-Pack is the busy season for high school sports, so I’m able to schedule around games,” he explained.

Quick Fire Questions with Cecil

Who’s your hero?
“Ronald Regan. He did more for our country than any president in a long time.”

Where would you move to?
“Vermont. I’d like to experience the ski season and the beautiful fall. I’m intrigued by the Bed and Breakfast thing.”

On a food day at work, what food do you reach for first?
“Egg rolls.”

Describe yourself in three words.
“Very good communicator.”

Who would play you in a movie about your life?
“Tom Hanks. Seems like a good guy.”

So when you talk to Cecil…

If you call U-Pack and you talk to Cecil, ask him about his kids or if he has any upcoming softball games. Ask him how his favorite sports teams are doing. But most importantly, tell him about your move because he loves to help customers. “I love talking to people and helping them. I want to make their move great.”

Give Cecil or our other moving experts a call to talk about your upcoming move. You can find them at 800-413-4799. Whether you get to talk with Cecil or another helpful U-Pack team member, just know these people are eager to help you with your move. They’re moving experts, but they’re also real people with interesting stories just like you.