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Do you need a live load?

February 23rd, 2018 - 10:52 AM

No parking? No problem.

In big cities with limited parking, finding space for a moving truck can be a challenge — especially if it has to be parked for multiple days. To help make moving in these circumstances possible, U-Pack offers a “live load,” where the driver stays with the equipment so there’s no need for long-term parking. Take a look at how it works, the areas where live loads are most common, and the details of this type of delivery.

using a live load to move

Typical U-Pack moves include up to three business days for loading or unloading. But with live loads, you load (or unload) in a few hours.

  • U-Pack brings the equipment to your home or apartment
  • The driver stays with the equipment while you load
  • You have a set number of hours to load
  • Once loading is complete, U-Pack takes the equipment away, and the shipment begins transit to the new home the next business day

Watch this video to see this type of move in action:

Common areas for live loads

Our primary transportation partner, ABF Freight® delivers commercial freight in these cities, so they’re very familiar with areas that have limited parking and require this type of move. Most live loads occur in parts of New York and Chicago, but addresses in other metro areas will occasionally require them. Call a U-Pack consultant at 800-413-4799 to discuss options. When calling, have the origin and destination ZIP codes ready, so we can provide the most accurate information.  

If live loads are unavailable at your location, don’t fret! We have other options for areas with limited parking (like loading at a service center). A moving consultant can go over all of the possibilities with you.

Loading time

To comply with city regulations, U-Pack gives customers up to 4 hours of loading time. There are some instances where the timeframe is a 1- or 2-hour window, depending on the location.

Here are some common locations and their typical timeframes:

  • New York, NY: 4-hour window
  • Staten Island, NY: 4-hour window
  • Brooklyn, NY: 4-hour window
  • Chicago, IL: 2-hour window
  • Bedford Park, IL: 2-hour window
  • Seattle, WA: 2-hour window

If you exceed the allotted time, there’s a charge of $80 per additional hour. When reserving the move, you’ll choose a delivery date and estimated delivery time on that day to do the live load. For example, for a 4-hour window, you might choose the time slot of 12 PM to 4 PM. That time window is an estimate. The moving trailer can arrive anytime during that window, and then the 4-hour loading time starts. If you need a more specific time (to hire movers, for example), then consider adding U-Pack Guaranteed service to pick a more exact window. A moving consultant can add that service over the phone.

Making the most of the loading time

Since time is limited, it’s important to be prepared. These tips will help the move go smoothly.

Prepare for parking

U-Pack customers are responsible for ensuring there’s room for the equipment on moving day, and they’re also responsible for any parking violations, so it’s imperative to reserve safe, legal parking. If parking on the street, make sure to check for any necessary parking permits. The trailer requires a parking area of approximately 40’ in length (3-4 parking spaces) and 14’ in height.  To reserve space, you may be able to park personal vehicles where the trailer will go, and move them when it arrives. Or the city may allow space reservations on the street.

Gather or reserve any loading equipment

The moving trailer is equipped with a ramp, but you may also need a moving dolly to load heavier items. If moving from an apartment, ask to reserve the service elevator (or the main elevator) so you aren’t waiting for others to ride to their floor, since time is limited. It’s also important to have things to secure the shipment, like ratchet straps or rope, ready to go.

Schedule any help around equipment arrival

If you plan on hiring help, a U-Pack Guaranteed window may be best to schedule them precisely. If that’s not an option, have the movers arrive at the start of the estimated timeframe. They can work on moving everything down to the trailer parking area so, they can quickly load and secure the shipment when the trailer arrives.

Have a second person available, if possible

In busy cities, it’s a good idea to have someone keep an eye on the items while you’re going back and forth inside. While the driver will stay with the trailer, they’re not responsible for watching your personal belongings.

Call us to determine the best options

Think you need a live load? Get a moving quote online and then give us a call at 800-413-4799 to go over the details. For any questions about this type of moving, leave us a comment, and we’ll get right back with an answer.

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