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Customer Care & Support

We understand moving isn’t always easy, so our customer care team is available when you need us.  There are several ways to connect with us if you have questions, want a little guidance or need help navigating through a tough issue. Or, you may find the quick help you need with our online resources.

Online Support

Track your shipment

U-Pack Shipment Tracking (you’ll need your reference number or tracking number)

Get a quote

Get an online quote or call 877-453-7274

Help with a quote

If you have trouble getting a quote online, it may be because:

  • You’re moving within the same state
  • You’re not moving more than 200 miles away
  • One or both of your locations are outside of our service area
  • You’re requesting a quote less than three business days before your move date

If any of these apply, give us a call or email quotes@upack.com to discuss your options.

Reserve your move

Make an online reservation or call 877-453-7274

Help with a reservation

If you’re having difficulty reserving your move online, it may be because:

  • Your move is happening within the next three business days
  • You’ve changed the quote information
  • The quoted move date is in the past

If any of these apply, we can help you reserve your move over the phone. Please call 877-453-7274 or email reservations@upack.com with questions.

Make changes to your move

Login to the MyMove dashboard to review the details of your move or change your reservation. If you need help, call us at 877-453-7274 or email moving@upack.com.

Look up a local service center

Find contact information for the service center in your area

Get answers to questions about things like How U-Pack works, parking, container size, how much space you need, how long it takes to move, etc.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Articles that answer questions about moving

Get answers to questions about billing & payment

Learn about payment options and cancellation policies

Get answers to questions about your bill

Get copies of U-Pack forms & documents

Access things like delivery receipts, customs forms and Gypsy Moth forms

File a claim

Complete a U-Pack claims form