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One-Way Truck Rental Comparison

Compare One-Way Truck Rental to U-Pack

Renting a truck and driving it yourself isn't the only low-cost solution for moving state to state. Go U-Pack! It's the self-move service customers trust to move their belongings across the country safely and efficiently. And here's the good news: YOU DON'T HAVE TO DRIVE! Get a free moving quote from U-Pack today and compare! We drive. You save.®


Here's how U-Pack Works:

  • A moving trailer or ReloCube® is delivered right to your door.
  • You load.
  • The trailer or Cube is delivered to the door at your new home.
  • You unload.

U-Pack prices are based on the linear footage your shipment occupies in the moving trailer. That means if you need more space, it's always available. Plain and simple. Even better, if you can fit into less space, we'll subtract the per-foot adjustment to lower your price. Moving in a ReloCube? Pay only for the Cubes you use. That's right, if you reserve three Cubes but fit into two, you only pay for two.

And as an extra perk, you'll never have to pay a down payment or deposit – use a credit card in transit, or pay by cashier's check or money order at your destination.*

Now that's the way moving should be! And it may be why 68 percent of our customers considered one-way truck rental, but chose U-Pack instead. Go ahead, get a moving quote – see how we compare!

What One-Way Truck Rental Really Costs

If you're still trying to decide between U-Pack and one-way truck rental, consider this: When you rent a truck and drive it yourself, your final moving cost is always more than the price on your rental truck quote. Add the price of fuel, taxes and insurance to see your real cost. It's also worth noting that most rental trucks can't be driven faster than 55 mph (even slower if you're towing a vehicle). A longer trip means more hotel stays and more meals on the road, and that means added moving costs.

Use the fuel calculator below to see how much you'll pay to fuel a rental truck:


Fuel Cost Calculator

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Have more questions about how U-Pack compares to one-way truck rental? Check out U-Pack's Frequently Asked Questions, or our helpful Moving Blog.

* A limited number of destination locations and shipments with storage require payment in transit by credit card. You will be advised if this is the case for your area.