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Ontario ABF Moving Service Centers

Ontario ABF Moving Service Centers

Moving to Ontario, CA

If you’re moving to Canada and Ontario is your final destination, you’ll be pleased with the sites, opportunities, and adventures that await you. As Canada’s largest province by population (12.8 million), Ontario offers something for everyone. It’s home to Canada’s most populated city, Toronto, and the capital, Ottawa. Keep reading to learn why relocating to Ontario may be the best choice for you.

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Making the move to Ontario, CA

Moving to Canada is different from moving within the U.S. There are special requirements to consider and regulations to abide by. You’ll want to research various Canada moving companies and choose the one that fits your budget and one that can move you to Ontario without a hitch.

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U-Pack® is an affordable, easy, and fast way to move to Canada. If you’re looking to move to Ontario without driving a rental truck (but still save money), then U-Pack might be for you.

Here’s how a U-Pack Canada move works:

  • U-Pack delivers a moving trailer or moving container to your home. Both options are available, but there’s a wider service area available with the trailer.
  • You load your belongings. If you need moving help for either end of your move, U-Pack can arrange it for you.
  • When it’s all loaded, U-Pack will pick up the equipment and take it to the service center closest to your destination in Ontario. Average transit times are 2-5 business days, depending on where you’re moving to/from and how fast your items clear at the border.
  • In order to have your shipment delivered, you must clear your items at the Canadian Customs office.
  • After your items are cleared, U-Pack will deliver them to your new home in Ontario.

It’s that easy! Moving to Ontario doesn’t have to be difficult, just go U-Pack! Call 888-572-7422 and get a free moving quote today and compare to other moving companies to Canada. Your quote includes the driver, fuel, standard liability coverage, and transportation. We drive. You save.®

Why moving to Ontario is a great idea

A water lover’s dream. If you love everything about water, then you’ll love living in Ontario. There are more than 250,000 lakes and 60,000 miles or river – not to mention the amazing Niagara Falls. So whether it’s freshwater fishing, ice fishing, kayaking, or just chasing waterfalls, a move to Ontario means lots of water fun.

The economy. Ontario is a manufacturing province, accounting for many of the total national shipments. The Niagara River makes Ontario prime for hydroelectric energy, with a strong percentage of all energy in the province coming from hydroelectric sources. Toronto is the center of Canada’s financial and banking industries, as well as IT companies in the Ottawa area. In Northern Ontario, mining and forestry are popular industries.

Natural beauty. Cyclers, climbers, hikers, skiers, and everyone else who finds joy in the great outdoors has adventure waiting for them in Ontario. With miles of hiking trails, acre after acre of untamed forest, mountain peaks and valleys, there’s really no other place like Ontario for outdoor living. When you want all of the beauty with less adventure, the Royal Botanical Gardens, located in Burlington, is a great place for anyone to enjoy magnificent scenery and plant life.  Active life in Ontario means gorgeous scenery and seasonal festivals in the spring and summer, vibrant colors and local arts in the fall, and winter sports and ice wine festivals in the winter.

Education. The province has 22 public universities, 24 public colleges, three Institutes of Technology and Advanced Learning, 17 private, religious universities, and more than 500 private, career colleges. No matter what you want to study, there’s sure to be an institution of higher learning to fit your needs. If you need help applying to Ontario colleges and universities, check out the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre and the Ontario College Application Service.

With so much to do and see, you’re going to love moving to Ontario!

Things you should know before moving to Canada:

  • Canadian appliances operate on 110 volts – the same as U.S. voltage.
  • Canada uses the metric system for measurement (gram is the unit of weight, meter the unit of length, liter the unit of volume, and Celsius the unit of temperature).
  • Canadians call their currency Loonie.

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