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Thinking about a DITY move?

If you want to put money back in your pocket while you PCS to your new station, go U-Pack®!

It’s the affordable alternative for service members who want to PCS without driving a rental truck. Simply pack and load a moving trailer or moving container, and we do the driving. Easy!

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Why U-Pack for military moving?

Military moving companies comparison

Make money

What makes U-Pack an excellent choice over other military moving companies is our low prices. With competitive rates, it’s possible to turn a profit and move your belongings to your new station safe and sound.

Skip driving

If you want to ease the stress of moving, let U-Pack take care of the driving. That means you can travel to your new duty station with your family in the comfort of your personal vehicle and not a rental.

Total control

When you move with U-Pack, you’re in control of every aspect of your move, from packing and loading to when it arrives – a perk you won’t find if the military moves you. We even provide a dedicated military moving specialist to guide you every step of the way.

Save time

The sooner you have your personal property with you, the better. U-Pack transit times are quick, averaging just 2-5 business days. Compare that to the 4-6 weeks it could take full-service movers!

Convenient storage

If you don’t have housing secured at your new installation, but you still need to move your household goods, U-Pack can provide secure storage until you find a place to live. Store your items directly in the trailer or Cube, and when you’re ready for delivery, just give us a call.

Peace of mind

Most full-service movers co-mingle household shipments. Not U-Pack! Your belongings will never be mixed with any other household shipments, whether you move in the trailer or the Cube™.

Information and requirements for DITY moves

The following information will help you plan your DITY (also known as a Personally Procured Move or PPM for short):

Military DITY move – documents the military requires

  • DD Form 2278 (Application for move and counseling checklist)
  • DD Form 1351-2 (Travel voucher)
  • Copy of PCS travel orders
  • Certified weight tickets
  • Copy of paid rental agreement
  • Copy of vehicle registration when utilizing POV and/or boat/trailer

Documentation can vary by branch of service.

Filing documentation

When you arrive at your new installation, check with your TMO on filing the proper documentation for reimbursement. If you received an advanced operating allowance, you’ll need to file your final settlement claim within 45 days after the start of your move.

Certified weight ticket requirements

When requested and for an additional cost, U-Pack can supply both empty and full certified weight tickets – a requirement for DITY move reimbursement.

Note: If you’re in the Navy, you should know that the military only requires U-Pack customers to provide an empty and full certified weight ticket – no 3rd ticket required!

Lodging and meal expenses

Since hotel stays and meal expenses don’t count in the movement of your personal property, they’re not considered reimbursable.

Other non-reimbursable expenses

Sales tax and insurance fees are two other moving expenses that don’t qualify for reimbursement. But it’s not something you have to worry about anyway if you move with U-Pack. Every moving quote includes taxes and standard liability coverage (plus transportation, fuel, and the driver).

Advanced payment

If approved by your TMO (traffic management office), you can receive up to 60% advanced payment to help cover expenses that pertain directly to your move.

Partial DITY move

If you want to move some items yourself and let the government take care of the rest, let your TMO know you’re interested in a partial DITY. You can still move with U-Pack – just let us know how much you’re moving with us, and we’ll set it up.

DITY move calculator

Want to calculate your total move cost? First contact your TMO and see how much your allowance will be. The amount typically depends on rank, shipment weight, and locations. Once you know your allowance, get a quote from military movers like U-Pack to see how much the actual move will cost. If it’s less than your allowance, you’ll make money!

Military Pro-Gear

As of May 1, 2014, the allowance for professional books, papers, and equipment (known as PBP&E or PRO-GEAR) changed. Now, the new allowance limits the amount and type of Pro-Gear that are reimbursable.

Click to read more about the new guidelines on military Pro-Gear.

Do not ship list

If you move with U-Pack, certain items aren’t allowed in the trailer or container. Take a look at our Do Not Ship list for a complete listing of items you can’t load.

Military discounts

U-Pack offers a military discount to help you save even more on your move. When you call to reserve, let us know you’re in the military so you can shave a little more off your total cost.

Start planning your military move with U-Pack!

It’s easy to get started – just follow these steps:

  • Schedule your first meeting with your TMO as soon as your receive your PCS orders
  • Complete the necessary application for a DITY move
  • Contact U-Pack for a free moving quote
  • Once your application is approved, reserve your U-Pack move

Now that you’re familiar with how U-Pack makes DITY moving easy and affordable, call 844-611-4586 today to see how much you’ll save! A military relocation specialist will be glad to help you get the best rate. We Drive. You Save.®