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Moving Across the Country

Introducing easy, affordable U-Pack®

We drive. You save.®  It’s the U-Pack motto, and it strikes a chord with those who are moving cross country and need a low-cost solution. U-Pack proudly offers an easy, affordable alternative. We drive the moving truck. You pack, load, and save.

Take control of your move

If you've read the reviews, you've seen that customers consistently call U-Pack "the simplest way to move cross country on a budget." Here's why:

  • An empty moving trailer or ReloCube® is delivered to your door.
  • You load.
  • We drive cross country and deliver to your new home in an average of 2-5 business days. 
  • You unload.

Your U-Pack quote includes fuel, taxes, and the driver—no worrying about hidden fees or unexpected charges.

And U-Pack customers love having control over the cost. Your price is based on the linear footage used in the moving trailer, or the number of loaded ReloCubes. And, there’s no down payment or deposit. Wait and pay securely by credit card in transit, or by cashier's check or money order at your destination.*

How much does it cost to move cross country?

U-Pack makes calculating your cross-country moving costs easy! You can get a free, instant quote online, or call a U-Pack moving consultant at 877-453-7274 for assistance. Just pay for the space you use, regardless of the linear footage or number of Cubes you reserve.

How to Save Money Moving Cross Country

  • Get friends and family to help you pack, load, and unload. Self-moving options almost always cost less than full-service moving. If you're able to do the packing, loading and unloading on your own, the cost of your move decreases significantly. Just let U-Pack do the driving!
  • Fuel your personal vehicle, not a rental truck. Rental trucks are notorious for getting terrible gas mileage—24 foot rental trucks get 6 to 10 mpg. So if your cross-country move is 2,800 miles, you can expect to pay around $1,300 just to fuel the rental truck. You'll pay around $600 to fuel your personal vehicle for the same drive. Check out the rental truck fuel calculator to see the cost for your move.
  • Pare down. Your cost to move cross country with U-Pack is based on the amount of space your shipment occupies in the moving trailer or the number of ReloCubes you use. That means moving less costs less.
  • Move on an off-peak day. Similar to hotels and airlines, there are peak and off-peak days for moving. The best days to move with U-Pack are normally Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at the beginning of the month. Your cost to move cross country decreases by avoiding peak times like holidays and Fridays at the end of the month.
  • Move terminal to terminal. While this option isn't for everyone, if you have a small move you'll see a substantial savings when you load and unload your items at your local service center.

Here's What Customers Have to Say About Moving Cross Country with U-Pack:

From start to finish U-Pack came through on every part of their agreement. Not many companies work this seamless. Thanks for making this cross country moving chore so much easier.
T. Fitzgerald, Phoeniz, AZ

This is by far the best moving experience I have ever had moving cross country. The price was right and the customer service was supurb.
R. McSorley, San Fernando, CA

U-Pack is the best. Everyone was great and the moving of our furniture went very smooth. We would highly recommend them to anyone that is moving cross country! Thank you for making our move easier.
J. Buteyn, Lancaster, CA

All in all, an A+ experience. I have heard of many cross-country moving nightmares. But, your people were easy to get ahold of, friendly and helpful, and my bill was exactly (to the penny) what my estimate was.
A. Grasso, Pittsburgy, PA

I would HIGHLY recommend U-Pack!!!  They took the worry and stress out of moving cross country.
G. Navarro, Rio Del Mar, CA

This was as painless as moving cross country gets. Thanks U-Pack for making everything smooth and efficient from drop off to pickup on both ends. We’ll be recommending you enthusiastically!!
M. Strong, Denver, CO

This was the easiest move I've ever experienced. I was very nervous about moving cross country, but the U-Pack representatives answered all of my questions and were with me every step of the way. They listened to all of my nervous concerns, put me at ease and treated me with absolute respect. Everything about my experience was fantastic and exceeded my expectations. Thank you!
A. Dorman, Winston Salem, NC

Loved the experience.  I thought it was a very innovative way to reduce the cost and expenses of moving cross country.  The timing was the best part.  Every full-service mover had a 2 week time frame, not 3 days!  In addition it cut down on the cost of having to figure out how to get my own car AND truck to my new location.  Thanks!
N. Hamilton, Providence, RI

* A limited number of destination locations require payment by credit card in transit. You will be advised if this applies to your area.