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U-Pack Forms and Documents

Print Copies of Your U-Pack Shipping Documents

U-Pack Document Retrieval Tool
Use this tool to print copies of your personal U-Pack documents for tax purposes or relocation reimbursement.

Forms & Documents for Your U-Pack Move

Sample forms and documents may be viewed by clicking on the document name. If you have a problem viewing the forms below, you may need to download a free updated version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

U-Pack Move Plan (Sample)

U-Pack Field Guide (Sample)

Certificate of Liability (Sample)

Ramp Instructions

Bulkhead Instructions

Gypsy Moth Quarantine Checklist
For shipments traveling into California

Puerto Rico Electronic Export Information Form
Formally Shippers Export Declaration Form

Customs Form 3299 (U.S.)
For shipments from Canada to U.S.

Customs for B4 (Canada)
For shipments from U.S. to Canada

Customs form B4A (Canada)
Continuation of form B4


Note that completed customs forms do not generate or transmit data to the U-Pack system.