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Over the line: Fun tennis spots in Los Angeles

There are many different tennis venues in Los Angeles.

There are many different tennis venues in Los Angeles.

One city on the West Coast with plenty to do is Los Angeles. It has just about every amenity you can think of in a warm weather climate, which may be why so many people are eager to bring their moving containers out to this locale. If you are considering speaking with your moving company about a relocation to this city, it may not be a bad idea to consider it, especially if you are a tennis enthusiast. The city is filled with areas to play your game, and it may not be a bad idea to look at some of these options when you finally move.

Los Angeles Tennis Club
One of the more exclusive places to play tennis in the city is at the Los Angeles Tennis Club. According to CBS Los Angeles, it is a sponsored-only venue, but if you can get someone already in the club to send in a good word for your provisional membership, you can get exactly what you are looking for. This spot may be for the more serious, advanced players, but you would be playing in the same spot as some of the biggest names in tennis.

Stoner Park
When looking for an option that is a little bit easier to get into - and free - it could be a good plan to seek out the courts at Stoner Park. According to KCRW, this spot has plenty of courts for you to get a game in with some friends, without having to worry about paying a large sum of money to play. If you are considering this spot, it may be better to try in the morning, as it can get busier later on in the day.

Los Angeles Tennis Center at UCLA
Another spot that costs money, but won't break the bank, is located at the University of California, Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Tennis Center has an affordable hourly rate, according to CBS Los Angeles, and it can give you a great opportunity. This spot is also a bit better for those who are looking to have a little more fun, and not take the game as seriously as some other venues. However, it is a very popular area, so the best way to get the time in that you are looking for is to ask ahead.

La Cienega Tennis Center
If you are in the Beverly Hills area, there is another option that can be quite affordable. This spot, named La Cienega Tennis Center, takes reservations, but according to KCRW, it gives you an opportunity to play at multiple venues. This spot, while inexpensive, is not void of celebrities. Its location may give you a surprise from a celebrity from time to time. Just remember, it is necessary to schedule your visit beforehand, and this could end up being a pretty fun experience.

Toluca Lake Tennis Club
A bit more expensive than the more public venues, the Toluca Lake Tennis Club works more like a country club, according to CBS Los Angeles. This location can help you hone your game, as there are instructors on-site that can give you lessons. However, if you would rather just hit the court, you can have fun on your own. It also has many other options for those who like to be active in other ways. Whether you want to join a personal training regime, get some swimming in, or try your luck with yoga, you have plenty of options at this venue.