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Great places for kite flying around the country

Kite flying is possible around much of the country.

Kite flying is possible around much of the country.

With the weather warming up around the country, you may be like many people and venture outside for picnics and other fun outdoor activities. One activity that could be fun to take part in while enjoying the weather is kite flying. However, this can be a problem if you live in an area without good wind, or an open area to fly. When considering packing and bringing your moving boxes to a new part of the country, kite enthusiasts may benefit from checking out one of these places.

Cleveland, Ohio
Even the Ohio Valley has areas that could be fun spots to bring out your kite. Specifically, Cleveland has many venues located around Lake Erie. According to USA Today, Edgewater State Park may be the best spot around for kite flying, mainly because of its location overlooking the lake, as well as a nice view of the city from the perch. Lake Erie may help because of the wind coming off of the lake, so you may benefit from checking out multiple areas around the water.

The Pacific Northwest has many areas that are good for kite flying, but you don't need to avoid a major metropolitan area to enjoy this activity. Seattle actually has many different spots in and around the city that could be fun for a day trip, or a regular kite excursion. One spot that may be exactly what you are looking for is Ella Bailey. The park has a good amount of wind, and it also has a good view of the downtown area, according to Red Tricycle. It is located in the Magnolia area of the city, and is on a hill, which could make it a better spot.

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina
The Southeast also has some good places to check out kite flying, and some of the beaches are perfect for getting the right wind and space. Located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Kill Devil Hills has a near constant breeze, according to USA Today. This is the spot where the Wright Brothers made the first flight, so getting a kite to stay flying may not be too difficult.

Los Angeles, California
Another West Coast location may not be one that is thought of as a place where kites would be a great spot. However, Los Angeles actually has plenty of places that may be good for those who want to enjoy kite flying without a problem. According to CBS Los Angeles, one spot may be better than the rest. Silver Lake Meadow is located on Silver Lake Boulevard, and can be perfect for running around with a kite. Also, dogs are not allowed at the park, which can make it easier, as you won't have to worry about running into people walking their pets or stepping in something that you will be upset about.

Wildwood, New Jersey
Another area on the East Coast that could be fun for kite enthusiasts is located in New Jersey. Wildwood is a popular summer spot for vacationers who love the beach, but if you are into kite flying more than swimming or tanning, there likely is an ability to experience this spot to the fullest. According to USA Today, Wildwood is a famous spot for kiting, as this city was where the first sport kiting event took place. That type of kiting involves more complex kites with multiple strings. It might be a good idea to check out the area around Beach Avenue for the most fun kite flying.