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Fun places to go fishing in the Ocean State

There are a number of good fishing spots located in Rhode Island.

There are a number of good fishing spots located in Rhode Island.

The East Coast is the home of a number of states with great places to fish. With the varying climates, landscapes and shorelines, there is likely something here for every angler. A spot that could be great for those who want to enjoy some traditional New England fishing, and still be close to a sizable number of other great things to do is Rhode Island. Whether you like fishing on the shore, or you just want to check out the nearest lake, there are many options. So grab your moving boxes and head down to the Ocean State.

Beavertail State Park
If you want to enjoy some fun saltwater fishing, then it may be a good idea to head over to Beavertail State Park. The venue is located in Jamestown, and is right on Narragansett Bay. According to GoLocalProv.com, this area is good for those who want to enjoy deep water fishing, due to the availability of cliffs. This can be great for getting bass, while there are a number of stripers and other fish from getting a boat and heading out into the water.

Sandy Point
If you head offshore, you can find yourself at Block Island. The area has plenty of fishing opportunities, but you may want to check out Sandy Point first. According to the Boston Globe, this location is the home of a number of different types of fish including striped bass. These can be best had starting in the latter part of May, while many other fish become more prevalent as the summer continues. No matter what type of saltwater shore fish you prefer, there could be one here that makes the trip worthwhile.

Whale Rock
Another area on Narragansett Bay also could be a good spot to set up shop. Whale Rock is situated near Beavertail State Park, and it was the home of the Whale Lighthouse, according to GoLocalProv.com. The lighthouse may be long gone, but it can be a great place to check out what fish lie beneath the waves. There are a number of fish here including sea bass, striped bass and even blackfish, but the best way to see everything is likely by boat. While you are there, you can see the former site of the lighthouse from the water.

Worden's Pond
Travel down to the southern part of the state, and eventually you will reach South Kingstown. Located here is Worden's Pond, which has a number of different options. According to the Boston Globe, this site has approximately 1,000 acres of water. This can be great for getting out and enjoying some solitary time checking out all the great fish here. By taking a boat, you can get some great northern pike. Don't worry if you don't have a watercraft, as there are still plenty of opportunities to fish from the docks in the area.

Dunes Park Beach
Another option for those who want to hit the shores is to travel to Dunes Park Beach. There are really top fishing options here, and it is not far from Westerly. According to GoLocalProv.com, this may be a good spot if you like fly fishing in the surf. There are a number of different fish in the area including bluefish and striped bass. This is a popular spot in the state, but it is for a reason. There are a lot of fish in the area, and you may be able to get lucky and pull in a nice one.