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Best picnic areas in Los Angeles

There are many picnic areas in Los Angeles.

There are many picnic areas in Los Angeles.

If you are considering bringing your moving containers to Los Angeles, you likely are already thinking about the many kinds of recreational activities you can do in the city. With the warm weather picking up, heading outside could be a great plan. One option that could be great for couples or even families is grabbing some food and having a picnic. There are many different places where you can do this in the city, but some of them may be better than others.

Pan Pacific Park
One place where you can get creative with your picnicking options is to go to Pan Pacific Park. The recreation center is located in the Griffith-Metro region and has a bunch of options to maximize your fun. Not only is this park equipped with picnic tables, but according to the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, it also has barbecue pits on site. This may be great for groups, as the area has plenty of outdoor and indoor play areas that can give everyone something to do.

Polliwog Park
If you are heading to Manhattan Beach, it may be better to check out one of the many options in this spot. Possibly a great decision would be checking out Polliwog Park. It has 18 acres of space, and is next to a wildlife refuge, according to the City of Manhattan Beach. There are also multiple gazebos and the Rose Garden, so you can view beautiful flowers after you and your friends sit down to eat and enjoy the weather. The park also is the home to many events, including concerts and outdoor performances. This popular site has been a staple in the area for nearly 50 years.

Malibu Bluffs
For a great view of the Pacific Ocean while dining outside, Malibu Bluffs Park could be a perfect destination. This park has six acres of space, and many playing fields, according to the City of Malibu. This may be a good area to get some exercise with friends, or just kick a ball around with children. The unique landscape also has a playground area so children can maximize their fun in the area. For those who want more of an ocean experience, there is an ability to go whale watching at this location, as well.

Baldwin Hills
For those who want a scenic view of the city of Los Angeles, getting your picnic basket and heading to Baldwin Hills may be the right decision. The hill is more than 500 feet high, according to the California Department of Parks and Recreation. This spot may be great for you if you want to go hiking, or if you just want to see how vast your new home is from a high point. From this spot you can even see the Pacific Ocean, as well as the mountain ranges that surround the cities in Southern California. The park is open until dusk every day.

Griffith Park
With the differing types of terrain located throughout the Los Angeles area, you may never run out of options to see interesting things while hanging out with friends and family outdoors. One example of this is Griffith Park at Bronson Canyon. This area is open every day until dusk and has plenty of picnic tables, according to the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks. While you can get a nice meal in with friends, there are other things to keep you busy, as well. This park has a hiking trail, as well as a cave to explore.