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Environmentally-friendly packing material created

A new self-growing packaging material may soon be available for home moves.

A new self-growing packaging material may soon be available for home moves.

Packing for a move takes a lot of materials, and with the ever-forceful call to be environmentally-friendly in everything consumers do, it's no surprise that a self-growing packaging material has been created.

A lot of energy is used as well to create normal packaging materials, and the new product - Mycobond - will use less because it's able to grow itself. The manufacturer, Ecovative Design, says that it requires one-eighth of the energy used to produce conventional packing materials and releases 90 percent less carbon dioxide, a dangerous greenhouse gas.

While this product in only currently being used by packaging companies, it shouldn't be too long before Mycobond is used to pack up items for a home move. The self-growing product is made from combining mushroom roots with inedible agricultural waste. The product is also reusable, according to Ecovative Design. Once someone is finished unpacking, they can use it as compost for fertilizing a garden.

Company co-founder Gavin McIntyre said "We don't manufacture materials, we grow them. We're converting agricultural byproducts into a higher-value product."

When deciding on other moving materials, such as boxes, consumers should be sure to purchase them based on quality, not cost.ADNFCR-3450-ID-19911932-ADNFCR