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Moving Tips: The importance of appliance safety

It is important to make sure the stove's burner is turned off when not using it.

It is important to make sure the stove's burner is turned off when not using it.

It is important to set up rules with your family to ensure your home is safe long after your moving company leaves. When dealing with appliances, you should be extra careful not to make any mistakes that can harm any family members, or your home itself.

Gas appliances need to be turned off whenever you aren't using them. Stoves leaking gas can cause major fires, so you need to check the dials to ensure they are switched off when not using them. If you notice the smell of natural gas, be sure to turn them off immediately, and open the windows on each side of the area in order to help dissipate the gas. Additionally, make sure your family does not ignite any candles or lighters inside during that time.

You will need to be careful with electronics, as well. Fires can be caused by plugging too many items into an electrical socket and overloading it. By ensuring the power strips are spread out, it could help cut down the chances of damaging your belongings and the electrical system. Additionally, you may want to push all of your plugs into the outlets to ensure they are flush. This will help you prevent sparks from occurring and causing a fire.

All bathroom items that are electric should be kept away from running or standing water at all times. These can cause electric shock, whether it is a hair dryer, hair curler or even a plug-in shaver. The items need to be used when water is either covered or not present.

By taking these precautions, you can not only help your electronics last longer, but you can save your family's life, as well.