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Moving Tips: Fixing a broken porch or deck

It is important to make sure your porch is in good shape.

It is important to make sure your porch is in good shape.

It is possible that you won’t notice something immediately wrong with your home when you buy it, or a problem that comes up well after your moving company has delivered your belongings. Porches and decks can be hit hard by wear and tear, and you may come across a situation where the wood splinters, cracks or breaks altogether. This could force you to do a little handiwork in order to make things look as good as new.

If you have broken or splintered planks on the floor, it may be necessary to completely replace them. This would include you carefully cutting out the broken pieces, and leaving an area where you can fasten the new board to the studs underneath the deck.

However, if the plank is just creaky or loose, it may only be necessary to use nails to better secure it. Over time, the nails and holes can become weathered, which makes it necessary to give more support. This should be easy, as long as you know where the studs lay.

After installing boards, or even if the area just needs a new look, it is important to apply a weatherproofing agent, as this will help prevent the wood from rotting quickly. It is important to do this thoroughly to all parts of the wood, or it will not work.

If you see that the deck is being degraded by termites or carpenter ants, it is important to take care of the problem immediately. This either involves spraying the area with a pesticide or calling an exterminator. Both bug types - as well as other wood-eating insects - could cause significant damage to your home.