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Moving Tips: Dealing with soreness after the move

Soreness from moving doesn't have to be hard.

Soreness from moving doesn't have to be hard.

The packing and moving processes can be quite straining for your body, and you may feel quite sore for a few days after you and your moving company finish up. There are steps you can follow before, during and after moving day to lessen the chances of feeling poorly afterward.

It is important to stay hydrated during the whole moving endeavor. It also is a good idea to make sure you have plenty of fluids before and after moving day. This will keep your body at its best, as well as help it recover as needed.

Eat properly during the moving week, as this will ensure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs. This will also help you to feel better and give you more energy during the move, which will be reflected in your condition afterward.

You will benefit greatly from stretching both before, during and after the move. If you are loose leading up to moving day, your muscles will be able to take more strain. During the moving day, stretches before and after moving the bulk of your items will also cut down on soreness later. Stretching for the following few days will help you feel more rejuvenated and less sluggish after dealing with such a long and difficult day.

If you are sore during the days after the move, it is a good idea to take a warm bath, as this can help relax your muscles. It will help you heal quicker with less pain. You can also use muscle creams, which work directly to soothe aches and soreness from athletic or otherwise strenuous activities. Remember to drink plenty of fluids, as mentioned above, which will help your muscles get back to their best.

It is important to note that if your soreness doesn't get better after a few days, or it gets worse, that you see your doctor. This is because you may actually have pulled or torn a muscle, or have another injury from the move. Take your time when moving and don't overexert yourself, and your chances of having a successful move will improve.