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Moving Tips: Dealing with broken glass

Broken glass can be difficult to clean up.

Broken glass can be difficult to clean up.

Make sure you know the proper packing tips to ensure you do not break any glass during your move, as dealing with broken glass is often difficult. Knowing how to deal with it can make a difference and prevent injury.

Use caution when glass is broken

When glass shatters, it goes everywhere. It can be very difficult to clean, but you must be very careful about it. When something breaks, no one should move immediately. Stepping on glass can track it throughout the house while wearing shoes, while those not wearing any shoes are at risk of a trip to the hospital. If anyone in the area isn't wearing shoes, tell them not to move so they don't get hurt while you clean it up, unless they can leave the room from an area where the glass didn't break.

Cleaning up the glass

First, grab the largest pieces around you with a dustpan or broom and throw them in a bag. Make sure that your bag with the glass is thick enough to prevent glass from cutting through it. If not, it may be a good plan to use another and put it in there before disposing of it. If you can, wear rubber gloves to give your hands a bit more protection. Make sure that all of the largest pieces are accounted for before moving on to the next step.

Different floor types can complicate the process. Some surfaces show glass very well, but others such as tile and hardwood could make the process more difficult. The more thorough you are, the better chanceĀ  you will have to get all of it.

After that, sweep the entire room, within reason. Glass can travel long distances, even if you don't see it. When you finish sweeping, vacuum the whole room. Be mindful that the area could have clear shards, and you may not see them immediately. Going over the same areas multiple times could improve your chances of getting everything.

Afterward, take off of your shoes and make sure there is no glass stuck in them. Doing this over a trash can in an area where people don't walk is the best idea.