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Cost of moving: Vermont

Burlington, Vermont, is one of the healthiest spots for women.

Burlington, Vermont, is one of the healthiest spots for women.

Vermont is a state full of small towns. If the hustle and bustle of urban life has driven you bonkers, where better to tell the moving company to take you than a place where the largest town has fewer than 50,000 people?

Burlington is home to the University of Vermont, and with a population of just over 42,000, it is the biggest city in the state. MSN recently rated the city as the No. 2 college town in the country, highlighting its scenic location between Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains. Despite its relatively small size, Burlington offers a variety of nightlife activities, ranging from live music to theaters and a number of local bars and restaurants.

The area is among the healthiest in the country, as well. Self Magazine rated it the No. 1 spot for healthy women. It's not just mom who will reap the benefits of living in Burlington - Men's Health Magazine also rated the city as the No. 1 spot to raise a family, making it an ideal location for dad and junior, too. One of the reasons the city is so healthy is that it has fewer fast-food chains per capita than any other spot in the country, according to Men's Health.

Real estate guru Bert Sperling has also weighed in on the wonders of living in Burlington, naming the city the No. 1 greenest place to live, and the No. 3 safest place to live. The cost of living in Burlington is a bit higher than the rest of the country, however. According to Sperling, overall costs, including utilities, food and other expenses, are roughly 14 percent higher here than in other areas. Median home values aren't terribly high, however, topping out at just over $217,000.

Square in the heart of the state lies Montpelier, the capital. At just under 8,000 residents, Montpelier is the least populous of any of the state capitals - even Pierre, South Dakota, has nearly twice as many people. But what it lacks in residents it more than makes up for in history, culture and a beautiful landscape. Like many New England towns, Montpelier is nestled among lush green hills and trees. Its local historical society - founded in 1838 - is itself a piece of history.

Though the average cost of living is still higher in Montpelier than in most areas of the country, housing is more affordable than in Burlington. Sperling places the median home value at $185,700.