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U-Pack is the easy, affordable self-move alternative that customers rave about. Here’s why:

U-Pack does the driving
Instead of driving a large, unfamiliar moving truck across the country, we’ll deliver a moving trailer or ReloCube right to your door. Then once it’s loaded, we’ll pick it up and deliver it to your new home. Moving is so much easier when you can make the trip in the comfort of your own vehicle – and saving money is a definite bonus!  

The space you need is always available
Take control of your move by paying only for the space you use! Here’s what we mean: let’s say you reserve 18 linear feet of the trailer, but on moving day you load efficiently and fit everything into just 16 feet. Simply subtract the per-foot adjustment rate included on your reservation and pay for only 16 feet. Now, let’s say you reserve three ReloCubes, but end up fitting everything into two. You guessed it – you don’t have to pay for the Cube you don’t use.

You get cheap moving rates
U-Pack is recognized as one of the nation’s cheapest moving companies – and that’s possible because you do the loading and unloading, and we do the driving. There’s no additional charge for fuel, taxes, or the driver; it’s all wrapped up into one affordable rate. Some even compare U-Pack prices to truck rental.

There’s no down-payment or deposit
Compare movers and you’ll find that most require payment before moving day. Not U-Pack! You won’t pay a thing until after your belongings are loaded and you know exactly how much space you use.

You get your belongings quickly
Many full-service movers take 2-3 weeks for delivery. That may mean extended hotel stays, more meals on the road and more money out of your pocket. U-Pack can do it faster! Thanks to the efficiency of the transportation network used with U-Pack shipments, we can move you virtually anywhere in the U.S within 2-5 business days. And when you need to know the exact day of delivery, just ask your Moving Consultant about adding U-Pack Guaranteed to your move – turn the estimated transit time into a guarantee!

Reliable and affordable – the perfect combination

There’s no question that getting a cheap moving rate is a goal worth reaching, but not at the expense of being disappointed in the end. It’s important to take the steps to make sure the cheap moving company you choose is also reputable and reliable; after all, it isn’t just price that’s important – it’s what you get for the price, too.  

You'll get the best deal in moving by asking questions, checking out consumer review sites, taking a look at safety ratings and comparing moving rates. Start today by getting a free online moving quote from U-Pack; we think you'll like our affordable moving prices and our excellent customer service.

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