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Moving Tips: Fixing a broken door frame

Your doorway can be fixed if you break the frame when moving large furniture in.

Your doorway can be fixed if you break the frame when moving large furniture in.

Bringing your belongings into your new home after your moving company delivers them can have some unforeseen consequences. Trying to force items to fit through your doorway can damage your door's frame, and this is both frustrating and difficult to deal with. While avoiding issues is best, there are ways to fix these problems if you have the correct tools.

Couches can crack the frame if forced through without being too careful. If a piece breaks off cleanly, and doesn't splinter, you may be able to get away with applying wood glue to the area. First, make sure that you can get the piece to fit flush with the still-connected part of the frame. Then, apply glue to both areas and hold it together with a clamp. You may need to put a finishing nail through that piece, especially if you can secure it to the wall. After this is done, another coat of paint over that area will ensure it doesn't look like the damage was ever done.

If the piece is larger, or the wood received significant damage, replacing the whole panel is best. By measuring the wood, you can either cut that length yourself with a table saw, or you can purchase the piece from a hardware store that specializes in lumber. After removing the broken area, sand the new piece of wood and install it. Make sure you use a nail gun to install the plank. When this is complete, you can paint over the piece of wood and let it set.

The best way to prevent these situations is to measure the door area before moving, as this will allow you to know if it is feasible to bring one of these items in. If not, look to other entrances to get your larger belongings inside.