Gypsy Moth Inspection List Generator

What is Gypsy Moth Quarantine?

Due to issues caused by invasive pests, people moving into certain areas are required to inspect all outdoor household articles for gypsy moth life stages and other insects before moving. Failure to inspect household articles is a violation of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) quarantine regulations and may result in significant civil penalties.

To be in compliance with the regulations in Alaska, British Columbia, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington, U-Pack requires a completed self-inspection checklist at least five business days before your trailer or ReloCube drop off date. This paperwork will accompany your shipment to ensure that it isn't detained when it crosses into the areas mentioned above.

Gypsy Moth Inspection List Generator

To make this process easier, use our inspection list generator to select the items you'll be shipping that you'll need to inspect for gypsy moths.

When you're finished, we'll attach the form to your move paperwork in our system, and you'll have the option to print the inspection list for personal reference.