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U-Pack Moving bases your moving cost on space not weight. That means you only pay for what you use.

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Price was the reason 81% of our customers chose ABF U-Pack instead of other moving companies. The price may be lower than other moving companies, but the level of service isn't. ABF delivers a trailer or moving container right to your door. You load. ABF drives for you and delivers to your new location. You unload. It's sensible and affordable. Get a free moving quote today.



We have equipment to fit all your needs


The ReloCube


It’s a great option for smaller moves or if you don’t have parking for a large moving truck. It fits into a single parking space with room to spare, and unlike some of our competitors’ containers, the ReloCube is made of steel and aluminum for extra protection.

upack moving trailer in driveway

Moving Trailer


If flexibility is what you’re looking for, a moving trailer is the way to go. It’s perfect for any size move! Load the whole trailer if you’re moving a lot, or as little as 5 feet if you’re not moving much. Just use the space you need, and pay for the space you use — it’s that simple.

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