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Win a Free Move!

April 28th, 2009 - 1:58 PM

The Noisy Neighbor
She was just about to drift off to sleep when it started…thump, thump, thump – the sound of bass from the stereo upstairs. Seriously?  Then, as usual, the voices and laughter started. At least she thought it was laughter. Either that or a stray hyena wandered in from the Serengeti to give birth. Do these people ever sleep? That's it. She can't take another night of this. It's time to move.

The Wanderers
Drinking coffee in an RV parked in the desert, a couple decides to move back home. After a decade of wanderlust, it's time to be close to family and friends again and settle into the home they've been dreaming of – that small cottage with a garden spot and a fenced yard. A puppy would be nice too. Maybe they'll start a travel business.

The Searchers
Then there's the young family needing to leave California and move back East to live with relatives. But, they can't afford it. The factory closed, their home is in foreclosure and money is tight. But grandma says she has lots of room and Kentucky is lonely without the grandbabies. There seem to be more job opportunities there. Now they just need to scrape up enough to get moving and start their new life.

The Adventurer
Dawn breaks on a young man running through suburbia. He's pushing himself further today. As he runs he imagines what it will be like when he finally has his shot. He has trained so hard. That coach in Colorado Springs thinks he has potential. If he could only afford to move there to train, he might really have a chance this time.      

Time is Running Out!
What moves you? U-Pack wants to know. The reasons why people need to move are as fascinating as they are varied. If you haven't already submitted your video story to the U-Pack "What Moves You" video contest, time is almost up.
Win a Free Move or a $1,000 Gift Card!
Remember, if your video is chosen, you could win your choice of a free move within the continental U.S. or a $1,000 American Express gift card! So, make us laugh, inspire us or move us to tears. Even if you have already moved, you can still tell your story. Just get it submitted by April 30th!
All video entries will be posted on YouTube for voting on May 1, and can be voted on through July 31st. Complete rules and entry information is available at upack.com/move.