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U-Pack Packing Supplies

June 13th, 2012 - 1:29 PM

U-Pack Packing Supplies

It comes as no surprise that before you move everything has to be packed. And of course, with packing comes a need for boxes and moving supplies. You could scrounge around for boxes (though dumpster diving outside the local grocery store isn’t exactly my idea of a good time), or you could collect a supply of sturdy boxes that were actually designed for moving. Boxes you “collect” from various places (i.e. grocery stores) aren’t always the ideal solution. They’re not designed to protect your belongings while they’re traveling in a moving truck, and any boxes that may have transported or been around boxes transporting produce (or other foods) have the potential to carry insects. To help your things travel safely, we recommend packing them into quality boxes, designed for moving. Of course, if you know someone who has recently moved, and their boxes are in good condition, you could always ask to buy/borrow them. But, if they’re not readily available...That’s where U-Pack’s Box Store comes in.

The U-Pack Box Store offers a full line of moving supplies for packing and loading. And the best part of ordering boxes and moving supplies from U-Pack:  Free shipping, right to your door. And, if you have a U-Pack move reserved, you’ll get special Box Store offers! Take a look at what the U-Pack Box Store has to offer:  

Moving Boxes. We have them. Boy, do we have lots of them. We have boxes that I didn’t know existed until I joined the U-Pack moving team.  Need to move clothing? Order wardrobe boxes and pack them without even taking them off the hanger (so convenient)! Packing dishes? Protect them by using specially designed dish pack boxes. Moving several items of similar size? Order U-Pack’s small boxes, medium boxes and large boxes by the bundle. Or for a variety of box sizes, check out U-Pack’s box assortments – they include a variety of types and sizes of boxes – ready to hold anything from a one-bedroom apartment to a large three-bedroom home.

Moving Accessories. Along with boxes, you may also need additional materials to prepare your belongings to be placed in boxes. U-Pack’s packing accessories include: Bubble Wrap, box tapedish protectors, stemware protectors, and stretch wrap. (As a side-note, nothing (in my opinion) is more therapeutic than popping Bubble Wrap – so we’ve got you covered).

Loading and Unloading Accessories. We also offer several accessories to help protect your belongings (and yourself) while you’re loading, unloading and in transit. These include: Furniture padsmattress bagsmoving strapspadlocks, and large stretch wrap.

If you need help determining how many boxes are needed for your home, check out U-Pack’s Box Estimator. And, check out U-Pack’s packing tips and loading tips for more information on safely packing and loading your belongings for your move.