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U-Haul Truck With Joe Biden's Gear Stolen From Hotel

October 9th, 2012 - 11:17 AM

I’m not sure how I missed this. I’m usually fairly on top of things happening both politically and in the moving realm (especially in an election year). But, I just ran across a news story on CNN.com from back in September that grabbed my attention. Reportedly, a U-Haul truck, packed with security equipment for a campaign event featuring Vice President Joe Biden, was stolen right out of a Detroit hotel parking lot. But no worries, the U-Haul and most of its contents were recovered the very next day. And, the event carried on as planned. Whew.   

Of course, this news report made me wonder... as a consumer, what would happen if my rental truck got stolen while I was moving? Let’s say I’m moving across the country, so I have to park my rental truck—full of everything I own—in a hotel parking lot overnight. Then let’s say, like the Secret Service’s U-Haul, it gets stolen. How is that handled? Are the contents covered under my homeowners/renters insurance while they’re in transit? What about the truck? Would I have to purchase additional coverage for it to be covered, or am I responsible? These are all great questions to ask if you’re considering a long distance move in a rental truck; specifically if it involves an overnight stay.

According to ABC affiliate 7 Action News in Detroit, federal authorities have made an arrest in connection the stolen U-Haul. Charles Rumbley is scheduled to be in federal court October 11th for a detention hearing.


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