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Moving Companies in CT

November 28th, 2012 - 8:42 AM

If you’re looking to move to or from the beautiful state of Connecticut, I’ve got the lowdown on what you need to do to find moving companies in CT. Check out these frequently asked questions about finding the perfect Connecticut moving option.

How do I find moving companies in CT?
The best way to find a reputable moving company in Connecticut is to do your research. But before you do that, decide on a moving budget! Once your moving budget is set, you can easily eliminate the moving companies that don’t fit your budget!

Reviewing moving companies in CT
Like I mentioned above, researching is key to finding the best moving companies in CT. After you’ve asked your friends for opinions, get on the internet and look at some reviews of the top Connecticut moving companies you’re considering. You can use websites like the BBB.org, epinions.com, or movingscam.com to read real reviews from real people. Don’t get stuck with a fly-by-night company who will scam you. Doing your homework before choosing a moving company will give you peace of mind.

Compare rates of moving companies in CT
Now that you have your top choices narrowed down, start comparing rates. Get a free moving quote from U-Pack Moving to get started! Be sure as you compare rates to include the “extras” like fuel, insurance, and other costs. U-Pack’s quote includes the driver, fuel, sales tax, road tolls, and liability coverage.

Questions to ask moving companies in CT
You’ve got your quotes, now let’s start asking questions. Ask your potential movers about their moving concept. Do you do all the driving? Do they do all the driving? Or is it a mix of both? Make sure you know how your price is determined, when you pay, if there are any extra fees, and how long it will take to deliver your belongings. Here are even more questions to ask moving companies.

Moving companies in CT: Which one should I choose?
If you like the idea of paying a low price and doing some of the work yourself, U-Pack® Moving may be the Connecticut moving service for you! There are service centers in Enfield, New Haven, Plainfield, and Stratford!

Here’s how U-Pack works:

A moving trailer or moving container, is delivered to your home. You load it within three business days. We deliver to your new home in CT or from you old home in CT. You unload it within three business days. We pick up the empty equipment when you're finished unloading.

U-Pack rates are comparable to truck rental, but you don’t have to drive one mile! Plus, there’s no co-mingling or transferring of your belongings (like full-service) or paying out of pocket for fuel (like truck rental).

Get a free moving quote and start comparing your Connecticut moving options today! It’s likely you’ll see that U-Pack has lower rates than traditional moving companies in CT. Want to talk to a U-Pack representative? Just call 800-413-4799 or leave your question by commenting below and I’ll answer it!