I Need Moving Boxes

April 8th, 2013 - 10:04 AM

I Need Boxes: How do I find boxes online?

If you are moving soon, you should get started on the packing process before moving day. But before you can start packing, you need moving boxes. Trust me; you really don’t want to scrounge around for boxes. Why? Well, first of all, dumpster diving isn’t cute (or sanitary). And any boxes you “find” have already been used (maybe multiple times) and are not built to withstand the stresses of moving. And why would you put your most prized possessions in boxes you found behind the grocery store? The best way to protect your belongings during your move is to use professional moving boxes. But where do you find boxes online? And how many boxes do you need? Keep reading to find out!

The U-Pack Box Store

U-Pack’s box store offers professional moving boxes at great prices. And here is the great part: all orders include free shipping! U-Pack will ship the boxes straight to your door, so you start packing up right away. Every U-Pack reservation comes with special offers for the box store, so reserve your move today!

I need moving boxes: what type of moving boxes do I need?

U-Pack offers smallmedium, and large basic boxes, so you have a box to fit just about anything. But there are also wardrobe boxesdish pack boxes, and file boxes. When you use the right box for the job, you help protect your stuff from damage. U-Pack has made buying boxes online simple by offering box bundles, so you can easily get all the boxes you need.

I need moving boxes: how many moving boxes do I need?

It can be difficult to estimate how many boxes you need, but U-Pack has taken information from thousands of customers and created this helpful chart showing how many boxes you will likely need for your move.


Estimate how many boxes you need for moving.

So now you what type of moving boxes you need and how many boxes you need, so let’s talk about ordering boxes online.

I need moving boxes: how can I order moving boxes online?

Just click over to the U-Pack box store. You can buy box bundles (multiples of the various types of boxes), box assortments (a variety based on the size of your home), and moving accessories like Bubble Wrap® and tape. 

Get your moving boxes online from U-Pack!

Get the sturdy, professional-grade moving boxes for your move – keep your stuff safe and well-protected with boxes from U-Pack. If you have questions about moving boxes, just leave a comment below.

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