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How to Make Moving Day Easier

By Heather
March 8th, 2012 - 3:16 PM

Heather is the U-Pack Blog’s newest Guest Blogger. We think you’ll enjoy her knowledge and helpful tips. Welcome Heather!

One thing’s for sure… Moving day is going to be busy. Keep reading: I’ll give some tips to help lessen the stress and make moving day easier. 

Organizing. When you’re packing everything up, organization is ultra-important. If you keep things organized, you’ll definitely thank yourself when it comes time to unpack! There are a few things you might want to keep on and to make organization easier: a good, quality tape gun, marker, labels, notepad, and basic tools.

Packing your boxes. Start with numbering your boxes and labeling them by room with a brief description of the contents. Write these down in list-form in your notebook in case you need to find something quickly. There’s not much that’s more frustrating that looking through a dozen boxes trying to find the one thing you need. I recommend packing the things you’ll need right away in well-labeled boxes, and make them easily accessible. Also, try using small, same-size boxes because they stack well and are easy to carry. Wardrobe boxes are another convenient option when packing up your closets; they can be loaded and unloaded easily which only helps in the long run!

Loading your stuff. When it’s time to load up your trailer or portable storage container you’ll want make sure to put the things you’ll need right away toward the front. Things like beds, bedding, toiletry items, towels, cleaning supplies, and kitchen supplies need to be easy to get to. It’s going to be a long day so you want to make sure and set up your beds first so you can get a good night’s sleep after all the moving! Heavy items need to go in first so you can stack lighter items on top of them.

Moving in. When it’s time to start unpacking and moving in, it’s best to try to put the boxes in the rooms the contents will go in. This will go far in keeping things organized and easy. If it’s an option for you, I prefer to leave the big stuff to the people who don’t mind lifting big stuff. I prefer to delegate where I want the furniture set up in lieu of moving it myself, and I like to unpack the boxes myself, that way I can put things where I know I’ll want them.

Remember to take breaks, drink plenty of water and order out for dinner, maybe a pizza? The less you have to worry about, the better!

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