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Are there hidden fees with U-Pack?

September 23rd, 2014 - 2:42 PM

Does U-Pack have hidden charges?

The answer is no, plain and simple. U-Pack prides itself on having absolutely no hidden charges. While there are additional charges for additional services, we don’t surprise you with unexpected costs. With U-Pack, when you add additional services or make changes to your move, we’ll let you know exactly what you’re paying for.


Are there hidden charges with U-Pack?

What are additional services/options U-Pack offers?

Every U-Pack quote includes the equipment, the driver, basic liability coverage and transportation charges like delivery/pick-up, fuel and tolls. Some customers, however, want or need additional services such as:

  • increased liability coverage
  • guaranteed arrival or delivery
  • expedited delivery
  • storage
  • certified weight tickets (for military moves)
  • filing of documents for moves to and from Canada

A U-Pack moving representative will be happy to help add the additional services you need and let you know the cost. And, you’ll see anything that’s added included on your Bill of Lading or Delivery Receipt.

Will my U-Pack price ever change, and are there any added charges?

If you make changes to your quote or reservation, you could see a change in the price. And, like adding additional services, a moving consultant will be happy to let you know of any additional charges or price reductions that would apply with changes. Call 800-413-4799 for assistance.

Here are some reasons the price could go up or down:

  • Your move date changes to an off-peak or peak time of year (at your request)
  • Your origin or destination city/zip code changes
  • You use more or less space in the trailer than reserved (if you use less, subtract your per-foot rate; if you need more, add your per-foot rate)
  • You use more or fewer ReloCubes than reserved
  • You add extra days for loading and/or unloading
  • You need to load and/or unload at multiple locations (e.g. you have some things at your home and some things at a storage facility)
  • You need more equipment than you reserved (e.g. you reserve 3 ReloCubes but need 4; you reserve 1 trailer but need space on a 2nd)
  • If we need to re-deliver the equipment because you (or someone to sign on your behalf) weren’t present when we delivered
  • If trash, empty boxes, paper padding, etc., is left behind in the ReloCube or trailer
  • If the ramp is loaded with your belongings, behind the bulkhead wall (instead, load it in front of the bulkhead)
  • If you’re moving to Canada and the shipment is banned or seized by customs
  • If a Gypsy Moth/Insect Inspection Checklist is not completed for moves traveling through or destined for Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, or British Columbia, Canada 
  • If you incur parking fees or fines – don’t forget to check on parking permits before your move

Keep in mind that with a trailer move your quote comes with a per-foot adjustment that you can add or subtract if you need more or less space. If you use the ReloCube, you can reserve as many Cubes as you think you’ll need, but only pay for the ones you use. It’s a good idea to reserve more Cubes than less to avoid paying the extra delivery fee.

Does U-Pack have a cancelation fee?

Yes, though there's no penalty for changing your move date. If you cancel within a week of your move, there’s a $50 charge. If you cancel on the day of your move, there’s a $150 charge.

Are there really no hidden fees with U-Pack?

When it comes to moving costs, U-Pack is an open book. Take a look at some U-Pack customers’ testimonials about our prices:

“Absolutely thrilled with U-Pack. No hidden fees and by far the cheapest way to go especially when moving out if state.” –Karen A., Melbourne, FL

“The reservation process was very quick and I felt informed about all the prices and space options.” –Shelley L., Bozeman, MT

This was a very easy way to move. Everyone I dealt with was courteous and knowledgeable. There were no hidden fees and everything was where it was supposed to be when it was supposed to be there.” –Zachary B., Madison, WI

“The price we paid was exactly what we discussed in advance. Overall, I was very pleased with the U-Pack service.” –Valerie M., College Station, TX

Go U-Pack and avoid unexpected charges!

While other moving companies may try to wreak havoc on your wallet with hidden fees, U-Pack doesn’t. You’ll always know your exact price as you load, which means no surprises when you get the bill.

Get a free moving quote online or by calling 800-413-4799 to see your U-Pack price. And when you’re ready to reserve, use coupon code “BLOG25” to get $25 off. U-Pack doesn’t require a deposit for reserving, so go ahead and book your move today.

Have questions?

If you have a question about the price of your move, leave a comment below. We’re always available to help.