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All You Need to Know about Moving from The Walking Dead

October 11th, 2013 - 8:50 AM

Moving? The Walking Dead Has You Covered.

We haven’t heard of anyone who hasn’t heard of The Walking Dead. We’re dead serious - it’s just that good of a TV show. If you haven’t seen an episode, then it’s just a matter of time till you’re bitten with the zombie craze like these people below.

Since Season 4 premieres on Sunday (we can’t wait!), we asked the Walking Dead fanatics in our office what they thought people could learn about moving from their favorite TV show.

Since most of the people you know will turn to zombies, it’s important to remember what they looked like pre-bite.

Kudos to Lori for remembering to pack sentimental items before moving out of King County.



Morgan and Rick look around Rick’s house.

“Our photo albums, family pictures, all gone.” – Rick says to Morgan.

Just because you’re moving doesn’t mean you need to cut off communication with your friends.


Rick gives Morgan a way to communicate with him.


Morgan made the choice to stay in King County and Rick chose to move on to Atlanta. We wish these two friends would’ve stayed together, but we’re glad they were able to keep in touch.

You’ve always got options when you’re moving.

When Rick’s police car ran out of gas, he found another option to get to Atlanta – saddling up a horse! When you’re moving, renting a truck isn’t your only option. With U-Pack, you don’t have to drive a rental truck and you can still pay a low rate. Much better.



Rick’s police car runs out of gas.

In a zombie apocalypse, traffic congestion can be frustrating.

The same goes for moving. If you plan an alternate route, then you won’t be on the road any longer than necessary.


Atlanta is overrun by zombies.


In any life situation, it’s always good to have a plan.

Rick tries to convince the group to relocate to the Center of Disease Control (CDC) to see if there’s a cure, but Shane thinks that relocating to Fort Benning would be the best place to relocate for military protection. They opt for Rick’s plan. Good thinking since we learn that Fort Benning was overrun by walkers.


Rick convinces the group to go to the CDC.


Even the most prepared can fall victim to a delay.

Rick isn’t happy about the radiator hose bursting, prolonging his trip to the CDC. If you’re moving in a rental truck, you won’t be happy if the truck breaks down and messes up your entire moving schedule. If you go U-Pack, you don’t have to worry about rental truck break downs because you don’t have to drive one!


Dale and Rick talk about the radiator hose.


Getting to know your neighbors is a good idea.

Carol organizes a dinner to thank Hershel for letting them stay nearby on his property. Maybe you could have your new neighbors over for a BBQ cookout on your patio once you settle in. Oh, and have some things to talk about. The dinner in this episode was WAY too awkward and quiet!


Carol puts together a dinner to thank Herschel for his hospitality.

A map is a handy thing to keep around when you’re trying to find your new place.

Or in Rick’s case, a handy thing to have when you keep going in circles and can’t figure out where to go next. Fortunately, they find an abandoned prison to call home. How…cozy?


Maggie looks at a map to figure out where to go next.


Community events mean meeting new people.

And let’s face it; when you’ve just moved to a new place, making new friends should be at the top of the list. Andrea and Michonne arrive in Woodbury just in time for the community-wide celebration. While the Governor isn’t the kind of friend Michonne wants, Andrea thinks they’ll really hit it off!


The Governor gives a speech in Woodbury.

Can you think of anything else we missed about moving that you can learn from the Walking Dead?

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