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Top surfing destinations

There are plenty of surfing options available across the country.

There are plenty of surfing options available across the country.

While many people go to the beach to get some sun and maybe take a dip in the water, others go for a bit more fun and excitement in the form form of surfing. There are plenty of acceptable surfing spots around the country, but few of them are among the top places around. Grabbing your board and your moving containers and shipping off to one of these areas may be the best way to go. While not all cities are available for decent surfing year-round, they could give you several months of fun.

Ocean City, New Jersey
The hint may be in the name, but Ocean City is a great spot for surfing. It is quiet and family friendly, but there are plenty of surfing spots. Some of the country's best surfers come from the area, according to Surfer Magazine. The waves are decent, despite the cold weather in the winter. It also is good for its space to surf, which many other places cannot say. Other cities may be overcrowded with surfers, so this could be a good place to start.

Encinitas, California
The West Coast is filled with surfing options, with beaches and towns for all ability levels to enjoy. Southern California offers many of these spots, and Encinitas may be one of the best. The best time to surf on the city's beaches is in the autumn, according to National Geographic. This is a good time, as the water doesn't get too cold, and the wave stay high. One of the best spots to surf in the city is Moonlight Beach, and this area is one of the top places for surfing in the country.

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina
The Southeast also has plenty of surfing options, even though you may not immediately think of it. The Outer Banks in North Carolina has plenty of wave action, and this is centered at Kill Devil Hills. Because of its location, the waves can be quite stiff here, Surfer Magazine noted. This may make it better for the more experienced surfers. There is plenty to do here during the summer, as it is a popular vacationing spot. It can get a bit quiet during the winter, as most beach resort towns do. If you can, grab a wetsuit, as the surfing in the winter is just as good.

Montauk, New York
Long Island is known for its beach life, but it is also has some good surfing spots. While those in New York City may frequent Rockaway Beach, heading east will bring you to a much more intense option - Montauk. The best times to go to surf are during the summer and into the autumn, National Geographic noted. This area has some of the best surfing on the East Coast, and there's a chance you may see a movie star after you are done hitting the beach for the day.

Malibu, California
Another very popular West Coast destination for surfers is Malibu. Like Encinitas, it is where some of the most famous early surfers came from. It has a sizable amount of beachfront, including Zuma, Third Point and Little Dume, Surfer Magazine noted. However, it is also like Montauk, in the sense that you could bump into A-listers at any moment. Don't worry about it being as busy and city-like as Los Angeles, either. Malibu has a very isolated feel to it that comes from a mountain range and no major highway access. This could be a great place to visit, or a fun getaway from city life.