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Top five foliage cities

New Haven may be a great spot to consider for foliage.

New Haven may be a great spot to consider for foliage.

If you want to experience the best of the fall weather, then there are plenty of options that could be attractive to you. The Northeast is a hotbed of foliage-rich areas, so getting your moving company to bring your personal belongings here may be a good plan.

Remember, foliage season is short, and if you don't go out and take advantage of the surroundings, you will have to wait another year for the leaves to change.

New Haven
Connecticut has some of the longest-lasting and vivid foliage in the country, as it typically gets colder later on than the rest of New England. This can make for beautiful sights around the city, but also throughout the Nutmeg State.

The city is only a short drive from the Litchfield Hills, which can be quite amazing in the fall, and typically will last into November. There are also areas on the Interstate 84 corridor that are quite pretty, and great for a morning drive, all the way to Massachusetts.

Portland, Maine
Portland has a lot to offer as a coastal city, but there is also plenty of beautiful foliage present during the fall season. Maine's spacious wilderness can be great to check out the colors, as the rural state has plenty of vegetation, even right on the coastline.

Portland isn't a far drive from Quebec's Eastern Townships, which has some of the best foliage available in the Northeast. This could make for a great day trip or even a weekend getaway.

Central New York is relatively quiet, but its rural setting helps to make for a great foliage destination. The home of Syracuse University, the city of Syracuse has plenty of foliage exposure, which can be great for those who want to move to a college town and experience the changing seasons.

It is also located near the Catskill Mountains, which has some of the most popular foliage areas in the entire state of New York. The open areas have many roads to go explore the leaves, which could be a great introduction to the vegetation of the region. There are also the Adirondack Mountains to the north, which is another great place to visit for the autumn season.

If you prefer living in a warmer part of the country, then moving to Knoxville could be a good idea. Remember, foliage changes occur in many parts of the country, and the Tennessee/North Carolina border have some of the best in the south.

Knoxville is only a short drive from the Great Smoky Mountains, which is lauded for its foliage offering in autumn. Keep in mind, the seasons for foliage are typically shorter in the Southeast, but they are still quite beautiful.

Another area in the Northeast that is a hotspot for the changing of the leaves is Montpelier. The capital of Vermont is a great location to be surrounded with trees. Vermont is one of the colder ones on the list, so its typically beautiful autumns can get a significant amount of snow as the foliage season winds down, so this may be one for those who really enjoy New England weather.

Vermont is in a good spot for those looking for foliage options. The state borders New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts and Quebec, which all have great displays as the leaves begin to change. It is also the home to the Green Mountains, which leave some very scenic landscapes in autumn.