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Top cities to take a stroll

New York City has plenty of walking areas.

New York City has plenty of walking areas.

Sometimes it is just nice to get outside and go for a walk. While you can do this in most places, it may be easier - and more fun - in certain cities. Getting around by foot can not only be great exercise, but it can save you a significant amount of money. It is true that you may not want to avoid driving a car all of the time, this could be a great thing to make a regular occurrence. Finding a city where this is popular may be a good place to bring your moving boxes when thinking about relocation prospects, as you likely want to find a spot that makes walking easier.

There are plenty of places to go where you will get good work out of your walking shoes while in Chicago. The city can be quite busy, so sometimes getting around on foot is easier. The lakefront area has plenty of space for a calming stroll, and there are many public transportation options that try and make life simpler for walkers. Active.com notes that one of these is the "L" train, which can be a great choice. Another, which would work for kids, is the Walking School Bus Program, which is a police initiative to help kids navigate home more safely.

New York City
Another great city for walking is New York. It has plenty of easy ways to get around the city, and many of its citizens and visitors avoid taking a car through the traffic-clogged are in favor of hitting the sidewalk. Times Square is also a particularly popular walking area, Prevention.com noted. Additionally, the city has an interesting option to have a less busy stroll. The High Line is a promenade that spans nearly 1.5 miles on the edge of the Hudson River. This was initially a freight train track, but was remodeled to take on walking passengers.

Annapolis, Maryland
If you don't want to live in Washington, D.C., or Baltimore, but still want to be in the area, there are plenty of options at your disposal. One of these may be Annapolis, which is a great walking city. Not only does it have great city walking, but its location on the harbor allows for pedestrians to get plenty of solid coastal choices. Active.com noted the city has a sizable amount of space lent from the U.S. Naval Academy to walk, while there is also the B&A Trail available. The latter is a 30-mile trail between Annapolis and Baltimore custom made for walking and other trekking activities.

If you want to travel safely in the city, then Philadelphia might be a top choice for you. It has a significantly detailed sign system throughout its limits for pedestrians to know where to go, Prevention.com noted. There are also 10,000 acres of parks around Philadelphia, which can make it easier for those who want to go for a pretty walk, while also avoiding traffic issues. Additionally, the city is working to help further improve its walking options.

Costa Mesa, California
California has plenty of places where you can get in a good walk, or just explore the local area. One of these cities is Costa Mesa. The city has plenty of walking areas, despite its compact nature, Prevention.com added. With everything close-by, walking around can be quite rewarding. The city also aims to get several more parks up and running, which could help you find your own favorite place to go and explore.