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Most affordable cities in the country

St. Louis is one city known for its affordable cost of living.

St. Louis is one city known for its affordable cost of living.

Plenty of cities exist for those who don't want to break the bank, and just about any city can be affordable, given the right situation. However, there are some that stand out when it comes to you not spending your life savings. Whether you are trying to make ends meet, or you want to just help out your savings account, a new destination may be right around the corner. The many choices available may give you some options to contact your moving company to take your moving containers.

Wichita, Kansas
Wichita may be a good start when looking for an inexpensive place to live. The cost of living here is far below the national average, according to Kiplinger. This can make it quite comfortable to thrive in this city. There's also plenty of low-cost or free attractions that will make you want to spend cheap nights out quite frequently. Wichita is known for its art and museums, and has plenty of places you can take a few hours to just explore, at little or no cost. Plenty of cheap food options also exist, so there are plenty of places to sit down and dine, or grab take-out and not spend a fortune.

Fayetteville, Arkansas
The Southeast also is the home of some low-cost living. If you want a city with both affordability and beauty, then moving to Fayetteville may be the right choice. While the Arkansas city is more popularly known for being the home of the University of Arkansas, it also has plenty of perks. CNBC noted that its cost of living is nearly 14 percent lower than the national average. This comes in handy when trying to buy bread, which will cost you less than $1.50 per loaf. Additionally, a frozen dinner will only set you back less than $2.20.

El Paso, Texas
If you are looking for a place that is a bit bigger, then heading to El Paso may be the right decision. The city has more than 800,000 people, but is still quite affordable. It is nearly 10 percent cheaper than the national average, according to Kiplinger. The Texas city has plenty to do for arts and entertainment, as well. Food is not only inexpensive, but it may be quite an attractive choice. Mexican food in El Paso is some of the best in the country.

Memphis, Tennessee
There is plenty to do in Memphis, so it just makes it better that going to a city such as this can be done so affordably. The city is nearly 15 percent cheaper than the national cost of living average, according to CNBC. This could really be a big help, especially if you are trying to save some cash. If you want to grab some stuff at the store, you can do so quite cheaply, as well. A bottle of canola oil will cost you less than $3.

St. Louis
Another great choice for a big city lifestyle without the big city prices may just be St. Louis. The city is close to 9 percent below the national cost of living average. While this is good, it also may be made better with the fact that the salaries are nearly as strong here as they are in other parts of the country where cost of living is much higher. Another great aspect of the city is its sizable number of free and low-cost attractions. Museums are a staple in the city, while it also is the home of Forest Park, one of the largest parks of its kind.