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Cleanest cities around the country

Santa Fe is one of the healthiest cities in America for air quality.

Santa Fe is one of the healthiest cities in America for air quality.

When planning a move to a new city, you may be interested to know how healthy it is to relocate to that area. There are many places that are not particularly healthy for a multitude of reasons. However, some places have great air quality, low levels of pollution and are just great places to live. If one of these areas seems like a good fit for you, it may be time to pack your moving containers and schedule an appointment with your moving company.

San Francisco
While the city is a successful center for commerce, there are plenty of healthy aspects to the area. San Francisco has its own Environment Department, and according to Reader's Digest, it plans to get rid of its power plants and also looks to clean up a polluted area at a former Naval Shipyard.

The city is also a center for electric vehicles, which are becoming increasingly popular, the website explained. This may not only help lower dependency on gasoline, but it also may significantly improve the air quality.

Kahului-Wailuku, Hawaii
Hawaii is a great place for those who love warm weather, but it also may be a good spot if you are a fan of good air quality. Specifically, Kahului-Wailuku, a city on the island of Maui, has great air quality figures, Time.com noted. The weather is also relatively sunny, and cloudy days are rare. With such clear skies, the air quality is some of the best the country has to offer.

There are also no active volcanoes on the island, which is notable as much of Hawaii has these looming dangers, the website explained. This helps air quality, as volcanic fog is not an issue here.

One city that may not be an obvious choice for top cleanliness is Buffalo. The city is actually a great location for those looking for a healthy city, despite its history as a rust belt staple. The city is undergoing a widespread battle to clean up pollution, Reader's Digest noted. This includes cleaning up both contaminated properties and brownfields.

The city is also getting help from the state government to cut down on pollution in the Buffalo River, the website noted. This has gone well in recent years, and many residents are taking advantage of the city's waters.

Santa Fe
The Southwest has plenty of options for clean air and high quality of life, so it fits that Santa Fe is on the list. The city has high marks for its air quality, which is some of the best in the country, Time.com noted. The city is a solid choice for those who want a solid, healthy environmental landscape.

New Mexico is just a top area for those who want healthy living, as Santa Fe isn't the only great destination. The website noted that Albuquerque may be just as good of a locale, if you are looking for a healthy moving spot.

San Jose
The West Coast has many positive places to consider moving to for healthy living, and much of this has to do with California's high standards for the environment. The city of San Jose has taken up the challenge to clean itself up, and according to Reader's Digest, the area received state aid to cut down on carbon monoxide and diesel exhaust in its air. This helped make it one of the top places in the country for air quality.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of other aspects to the city that make it clean. The website added that it has high marks for both healthy living by its citizens, as well as clean streets.