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Best places to land a tech job

Tech workers may like a move to Hartford.

Tech workers may like a move to Hartford.

If you are involved in the technology industry, you may be looking to relocate to a place that has a growing job market for this field. Luckily, there are places all over the country, and you won't have to bring your moving boxes to Silicon Valley, which could be quite expensive. So, if one of these places seem like a good spot for you, it could be a good plan to get your moving boxes, contact your moving company and get ready for your new journey.

Las Vegas
While Las Vegas may be more known for casinos and resorts, there is a notable tech sector ramping up in the area. The city has a sizable engineering services sector, according to Businessweek. There is also an average salary of nearly $69,000 in the city. The city is the home to more than 22 tech jobs per 1,000 people, which may make getting a job in the area relatively easier.

Washington, D.C.
The nation's capital also could be a great spot for techies, as the popularity of the sector boomed in recent years. In the past 12 years, the level of tech job growth in the District of Columbia rose nearly 21 percent, Forbes noted. There also was a jump of nearly the same amount in wider fields, such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Not only is the immediate district filled with tech employment opportunities, but there are also other gigs throughout neighboring areas, the website explained. This includes Arlington, and Alexandria, Virginia. 

The capital of Connecticut may not immediately come to mind for technology, but it may actually be a great spot, as tech employment is in demand. There are more than 41 tech jobs per 1,000 people, Businessweek noted. This is also helped by the city's average wage, which exceeds $71,000. The most popular type of tech job in the city is computer systems design.

Jobs in the tech sector may be a big selling point for someone considering moving to the city, but its location may also be attractive. It is located in between Boston and New York, so someone looking for a metro area that is small, but still near larger, busier places may feel at home here.

Florida also is the home of many tech cities, one of them being Jacksonville. Hot weather is plentiful here, so if you want to be in a vibrant tech area and still enjoy the beach, this could be your spot. The tech employment growth level in the past decade was more than 70 percent, Forbes explained. Much of this was due to an increased presence in computer facilities management, systems design and data centers, among other things.

Despite the significant growth, the city is not completely filled with tech jobs, as some may think. The website added that there was not much of a presence here before 2001, so it is quite a new horizon in the city.

Another tech center in the Southeast is Atlanta. The city has nearly 64 tech jobs per 1,000 people, Businessweek noted. This is coupled with the fact that the average salary exceeds $82,000. Telecommunications services are the big tech job maker in the country, which may be attractive to some.

The city does have slow growth at the moment, the website added. This may make some skittish, but there are still plenty of job opportunities in the city, and cost-of-living is typically lower in the Southeast than in other parts of the country.