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Moving Tips: Plan room options after kids leave

There are many options for furnishing a room your child vacated.

There are many options for furnishing a room your child vacated.

Empty nesters may have already helped their kids connect with their moving company and head out into the world, but there may be important items to take care of at home once they are gone. One pressing issue is what to do with the rooms they vacated. There are many options, especially if they completely finished packing their items and you can start from scratch.

No one wants to have empty rooms in their house, and you likely have other items tucked away that could use some breathing space. A good idea may be to make a vacant room into a home office, which could be great if you or your spouse have an ability to work from home. If you have a desk and chair lying around the house, putting it in the room could be a good start. Look in your attic and basement to check if there are other items that would make the room more full.

If you are an avid reader, and have built up a significant number of books throughout the years, a library or a study may be a good choice. This is not a difficult task, especially if you have books packed away. Dust them off and put them in a bookshelf, as this can give the room some purpose. If you don't have a bookshelf, they are usually inexpensive to purchase in order to help furnish the area. A reclining chair or other comfortable desk chair could help tie the room together.

If your child left their bed behind, and you don't have many other ideas with the room, a guest room could work. As you may only have close friends and relatives come and visit, this could make it easier for you and them. In addition, it may open up your abilities to host guests, especially if you felt your home was too small beforehand.

Before your children move, discuss these options with them. It may make it easier to keep some of their items in the room that you need to complete your plans, as they could decide to leave some things behind and help you plan the room as they move items out.