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Moving Tips: Manage loud neighbors properly

Make a call to your city hall to learn about city noise ordinances.

Make a call to your city hall to learn about city noise ordinances.

When your moving company delivered your items, you may have thought that your new place would be quiet and be able to let you live with limited interruptions. This isn't always the case, and you should keep in mind that there are certain ways that you need to go about dealing with noise issues, or you will have a difficult time being successful.

It is important that you know the noise rules in your area, as you could just end up harassing your neighbors for an act that is perfectly alright. If you live in an apartment, these laws should be in your lease, or posted somewhere around the complex. However, your town may also have specific ordinances in place that you should look up online, or by making a call to your city hall.

If your neighbors are in the wrong, it may not be a great idea to bother them while they are being loud. Waiting until the next day, when you have a calmer moment to chat, could be better for both parties. Make sure that you are polite when talking to them, and never be threatening. This may work wonders and solve the problem immediately.

Sometimes, in an apartment, the building manager has to get involved. If this is the case, inform them of the situation, and try to be as detailed as possible. They should send the neighbors a letter or give them a phone call to cut down the noise. If it is a neighborhood, and the noise won't stop even after your pleas, it may be time to ask the police to get involved. It's not fun, but sometimes it needs to be done.

If nothing works, and you just cannot deal with it any longer, consider looking for another place to live. This could be difficult if you have lived in the area for only a short time, but if the situation doesn't improve, you may not have a choice. Keep in mind that it is typically better to complete a lease than to break it, as there are many difficulties that surface in that situation. If you can rent, this may help you to find a new area within a reasonable time period, but you should keep in mind that there are risks involved with doing that also.