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Moving Tips: Keep warm while moving in winter

It is important to take breaks when moving items in during winter weather.

It is important to take breaks when moving items in during winter weather.

The wintertime can be a difficult period to travel to a new home and place, especially if you live in an area that routinely has cold weather and winter storms. However, packing your items and giving them to your moving company should be the easy part. Moving into your new home doesn't need to be difficult when dealing with the elements, but you need to take precautions to make sure you are warm.

Keep the heat on in your new home throughout the move. This is important, as you will have the area at a comfortable level, and you won't risk freezing pipes or making putting items away more difficult. Those inside will also appreciate it, especially if they are preparing the interior of your home for the incoming belongings.

Make sure that your doors to your home are shut throughout the process. You want the inside of the home to be warm and comfortable for when you bring items inside. There will likely be a lot of heat let out each time that you open the door, but other rooms in the home may be able to stay warm. If you can, move items in through a foyer that has doors on each end. This will allow you to close the door behind you to prevent too much warm air from escaping.

Protect yourself from the weather
Take breaks from the cold, as this will make the process far less stressful. This is important, as you can go to another room that is warmer, and adjust to the warmth again. You should be well dressed for the weather, so that this whole process will be easier. Stay in the warmer area until you feel well enough to go back outside to get more items. It is also a good idea to make sure that you are well hydrated throughout the process, as well.

It is important to stay dry during the move, if you can. If it is snowing or you experience bouts of freezing rain, you may want to have towels ready to keep your hands, face and hair dry. You can get sick more quickly in this weather by being wet, and it is very uncomfortable when trying to move heavy boxes.