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"I received several moving quotes before choosing U-Pack. By far the lowest price with the best reputation." – Alison & David M.

This is just one reason so many customers choose U-Pack. But the good news doesn't stop there. Getting moving quotes has never been easier! No one comes to your home. No face-to-face, high-pressure sales. Simply straight-forward pricing that's easy to understand.

Just enter some basic information about your move, and click the big orange button. You'll get an instant view of how much it costs to move with U-Pack.

How moving with U-Pack works

Moving from old house

We deliver your empty
moving equipment




You get up to
3 business days to load

State to State Moving

We drive to your new
place, in your new city

Moving to new house

You unload & you're done!

Moving Quotes for Every Need and Budget.

In addition to low prices, U-Pack moving quotes also provide solutions for virtually every moving scenario. If you don't see an option or price that fits your needs and/or budget, call 877-453-7274 to discuss more options and more ways to save!


Large Move?
Select the moving trailer option shown on your moving quote, and pay only for the space you use.


Small move or limited parking?
Select the ReloCube option shown on your moving quote, and pay only for the number of ReloCubes you use.


Moving on a budget?
Change your moving quote to an off-peak day, or choose a U-Pack terminal-to-terminal move and save.


Need storage?
Move and store in a trailer or a ReloCube.


Need help with labor?
Add packing and loading help.


Need a faster transit time?
Choose U-Pack Guaranteed to guarantee or expedite the estimated transit time included in your moving quote.

Low Prices Without the Extra Charges.

U-Pack moving quotes include the driver, fuel and liability coverage. But that's not all. There's no additional charge for sales tax or highway tolls, and there's no down-payment or deposit; wait to pay after you're loaded and know exactly how much space you've used. Convenience and affordability — that's what customers love about U-Pack.

Go ahead, get a moving quote today. We think you'll be pleased.

Here's what customers have to say:

Wonderful experience

“I have several friends who are also in the process of moving, and I have heard many horror stories about moving companies. My experience with U-Pack, however, was absolutely wonderful -- I appreciated the professional, helpful staff, punctual delivery, and reasonable pricing. I will definitely recommend U-Pack to friends in the future!”
— Lauren K. Chapel Hill, NC

Better price than others

"All in all - better price than other moving companies, and great people at each step of the process who seemed genuine in helping and guiding me to a successful move. Will not hesitate to call ABF (and I know I will be moving again, sigh)."
— Rick S. New York, NY

Exceptional service

“I could not have been more pleased with this moving service. The staff was friendly and professional. My belongings arrived on the anticipated date even without guaranteed arrival. It was such a relief to use a moving company with such exceptional customer service. It seems to be a rare find these days. Thank you!”
— Holly R. Riverside, CA

Flexible & affordable

“I cannot express how amazing the customer service was from all touch points. The reservation staff were available, knowledgeable, and always willing to assist and make appropriate recommendations. The terminal staff and drivers continued this level of service and this move was a fabulous experience for me. I never thought I would be so passionate about a moving company. Thank you for providing flexibility, affordability, and accessibility.”
— Priscilla H. Atlanta, GA